Clarkson continuously honored on Final Four lead-up

April 2, 2015

(Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

(Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

If you haven’t heard the story yet, you may be living underneath a rock. The buildup of March Madness will reach its apex this weekend as the Final Four teams compete for the NCAA Championship title that will be played on Monday. And the man who will be sitting on the floorboards, just as he has for 59 other Final Fours, will be photographing the game for his final team.

You heard it right! Rich Clarkson has photographed more NCAA Final Fours than anyone in history as he will leave his mark at an impressive 60 years. Over the years, he has grown the coverage that formed from Sports Illustrated into his own company, Clarkson Creative. Clarkson Creative does business as NCAA Photos and has been covering all of the collegiate championships since Fall of 1994.

To give you more insight into his story, I will leave that to the professionals. The stories below are written by those that are inspired by his story of photojournalism and the legacy he has left for the entire industry that we have today. Once you meet the legendary Rich Clarkson, he can’t help but share with you some amazing stories from all his years in the biz — these following stories captured just a few…

His work will continue outside of the NCAA Final Four with his founding company, Clarkson Creative, that run and manage clients with a variety of inventive work.

How Clarkson got his start

March 25, 2013

As the 75th Final Four approaches and everyone’s brackets start to wither and die, we will see who will make it to The Big Dance in Atlanta this year.

Clarkson will be photographing his 59th Final Four this year and all because of a start he made back in 1950’s with Wilt Chamberlain.

Take a look below to hear how he got his first published photograph in Sports Illustrated.

Behind the Lens with Rich Clarkson

December 17, 2012

Watch as photographer Rich Clarkson shares his favorite photographs and stories from KU athletics, NCAA Final Fours, Sports Illustrated, Topeka Capital Journal, and more in a conversation with broadcaster Gary Bender.