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The Benchmark Revealed

October 23, 2013

As we celebrate 25 years, Rich Clarkson and Associates LLC has been a company of many disciplines, ranging from photography and book publishing to consulting and video production. Digital technologies continue to revolutionize our industry and remaining at the forefront has enabled us to deliver a high quality product faster than ever before and has allowed us to keep pace with the new and diverse needs of our clientele. Over the past several months we have created a new website, changed our company name, and moved offices. We chose Clarkson Creative because we are a creative, passionate and enthusiastic group of people that welcomes challenges and new projects, while still serving our current clientele with the respect and professionalism that has made our company successful since 1987. Our slogan, “The Benchmark,” reflects our standard of treating clients with professionalism while sharing our expertise and exceeding expectations. This philosophy has shaped the way we adapt and change and will continue to push us forward in this fast growing world. We invite all of you to explore our new website at and learn a little more about what we do.

We have fun, we are passionate and it shows in the work we do.

A light painting of our new office buiding located at 1553 Platte St. in Denver, CO.

A light painting of our new office building located at 1553 Platte St. in Denver, CO.

Photo: Peter Lockley/Clarkson Creative

RCA welcomes newest photographer Peter Lockley

January 31, 2013

A graduate of the University of Colorado and former student of the Summit Workshops, Peter Lockley is always searching for new ways to capture the energy and excitement of a sporting event.

A versatile storyteller with a background in studio lighting, Lockley served as the chief sports photographer at the Washington Times from 2005-2010, where he covered everything from Final Fours and Boxing Championships to Olympics and Presidential Inaugurations.

Since leaving the Times, Lockley has helped launch several projects and business including a weekly magazine dedicated to the Washington Redskins.

Family and friends brought him back to Colorado where he is excited to be a part of the Clarkson team. Check out the gallery below to view some of his work:

Peter Lockley Sports Portfolio – Images by Rich Clarkson