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The future of print ads?

December 20, 2013

Whether you think it’s a long-awaited ad hybrid or just a high-cost gimmick, this upcoming interactive print ad for Motorola’s Moto X is definitely pushing people’s buttons.

Running in 150,000 New York and Chicago editions of January’s Wired magazine, the ad lets readers change the color of the handset on display by tapping controls located at the bottom of the page.

The ad’s functionality, achieved via wafer-thin LEDs and batteries and created by Digitas, mimics the more full-featured MotoMaker site that allows you to browse the device’s customizable options. Bloggers and viewers of the preview video seem mixed on whether this is truly innovative or just a stunt that would be too expensive to be widely replicated in print. Others just seem happy they don’t have to pull out their smartphones to play with the ad: “The future of print advertising?” one YouTube commenter jokingly asked. “Can’t be—there’s not a freakin’ #QRcode in sight.”

Other recent efforts blurring the lines between conventional and cutting-edge include a Nivea print promo that uses solar power to charge cellphones, a CW live Twitter feed embedded in a magazine ad and a billboard that draws moisture out of desert air and turns it into safe drinking water.

Summit Workshops Holiday Special

November 30, 2013

Clarkson Creative is happy to announce a holiday discount for our 2014 workshops. From now until January 1, 2014, you will receive 10% off any Summit Series of Photography Workshop, and if you register between December 2nd and December 6th you will receive an additional 5% off. The workshops make excellent gifts during the holiday season!

The summit is the highest point of the mountain, and the Summit Series of Photography Workshop represent the pinnacle of continuing education in photography. We combine the best instruction in photography and latest digital technologies, with top-level creativity and the best career networking available anywhere. This has led to over 30 years of the Summit Workshops with a reputation for being the best of the best.

What makes the Summit, Adventure and Sports Workshops unique is faculties of eight or more of the best talent in the world: the best photographers, the best teachers, the top editors and users of photography. Throughout the week you will have the opportunity to get varying opinions and perspectives, unique career counseling and the ultimate networking that has jump-started many careers. Each workshop features new instruction, new teachers and the ability to demo the latest equipment in order to keep pace with the continually changing world of photography.

2013 Adventure Photography Workshop from Summit Series of Workshops on Vimeo.


Personality for your camera

November 21, 2013

With new cameras coming out like the Nikon Df, photography companies have been going back to their roots when designing tools for making images.

Artisan Obscura is a Denver company who has taken advantage of this new market. Their goal is to let you increase the functionality of your camera while at the same time express your individuality.

As of now, they sell wooden soft shutter release buttons in ten types of wood ranging from Ebony to Chakte Viga and are working on releasing hot-shoe covers as well.

The Photo Brigade’s Neville Black reviewed Artisan Obscura’s releases while going in-depth on what exactly a soft shutter is.



Utah Panoramics

November 11, 2013

Snow (and skiing!) is on its way to Colorado soon! But we can’t help but love these panoramics by Martin van Hemert. Check out this great sunset pano in Zion National Park in Utah right here.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

PDN PhotoPlus Expo

November 1, 2013

Last weekend the annual PDN PhotoPlus Expo took place in New York. Take a look at the Photo Brigade’s recap of the newest and coolest gadgets.

We are also really excited to get our hands on TriggerTrap’s Mobile Gadget. Take a look below!

The Benchmark Revealed

October 23, 2013

As we celebrate 25 years, Rich Clarkson and Associates LLC has been a company of many disciplines, ranging from photography and book publishing to consulting and video production. Digital technologies continue to revolutionize our industry and remaining at the forefront has enabled us to deliver a high quality product faster than ever before and has allowed us to keep pace with the new and diverse needs of our clientele. Over the past several months we have created a new website, changed our company name, and moved offices. We chose Clarkson Creative because we are a creative, passionate and enthusiastic group of people that welcomes challenges and new projects, while still serving our current clientele with the respect and professionalism that has made our company successful since 1987. Our slogan, “The Benchmark,” reflects our standard of treating clients with professionalism while sharing our expertise and exceeding expectations. This philosophy has shaped the way we adapt and change and will continue to push us forward in this fast growing world. We invite all of you to explore our new website at and learn a little more about what we do.

We have fun, we are passionate and it shows in the work we do.

A light painting of our new office buiding located at 1553 Platte St. in Denver, CO.

A light painting of our new office building located at 1553 Platte St. in Denver, CO.

Photo: Peter Lockley/Clarkson Creative

#NCAAD2 40th Anniversary: Danny Woodhead

September 11, 2013

Division II is celebrating 40 years as a Division with the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

With that, they are honoring the Division II 40th Anniversary Tribute team with 40 student-athletes who have excelled and represent most what being a DII student-athlete is all about.

In this episode, we profile San Diego Chargers running back, Danny Woodhead, and his journey to the big leagues.

2500 hits!

September 3, 2013

Congratulations to Colorado Rockies First Baseman Todd Helton for getting his 2500th career hit.

All photos: Jamie Schwaberow/Rich Clarkson and Associates, LLC.

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Clarkson Creative Intern Photo of the Day

August 30, 2013

Dexter Fowler photoshoot for Sharp Magazine at The Four Seasons

Dexter Fowler photoshoot for Sharp Magazine at The Four Seasons

Photo: Evert Nelson/Rich Clarkson and Associates, LLC.

Clarkson Creative Intern Photo of the Day

August 29, 2013

Bart Smith, from Indiana, jumps over a transfer at the Denver Skatepark this morning.

Bart Smith, from Indiana, jumps over a transfer at the Denver Skatepark this morning.

Photo: Evert Nelson/Rich Clarkson and Associates, LLC.