Date: October 27th, 2011


October 27, 2011

Last week I was contacted to photograph Tim Tebow during the Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers game for ESPN The Magazine. They were doing several stories on a variety of athletes for their Plan B Issue. The idea being that Kyle Orton was the current starter, but for how long? When would they turn to Tebow? Well, as it turned out, it happened by halftime of the game I was photographing. I went from trying to come up with interesting ways to photograph Tebow continually standing on the sidelines, to actually photographing him in action, which was a huge relief. He was named the starting QB by the Broncos the following week and all of a sudden this was a much more important story. Luckily, they deemed it important enough to make the decision to run Tebow on the cover and I was awarded with my first ESPN The Magazine cover shot as well as an inside spread of photographs.